About SVA Inc.

Our Backstory

SVA, Inc. got its humble start in Alan Sussman’s basement in the family home he shared with his wife and three daughters in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Alan had been working as a salesman for Eckel Industries, selling noise-control products to his building-contractor customers, when he had a bold idea.

The world of noise control was evolving, with many new products on the market to address ever-changing applications for this technology. Alan saw an opportunity in this industry transformation. SVA, Inc. was born based on the unique concept of selling solutions to noise-control problems, not just products.

In the beginning Alan operated the business on a shoestring, often engaging his young daughters and their friends to help stuff envelopes for his modest marketing efforts. A decade or so later the business was so successful that he needed help running it and welcomed his daughter’s new husband, Jeff, to his management team.

Alan Sussman
Alan Sussman Founder SVA
Alan Sussman
Alan Sussman proudly served his country.

SVA, Inc. Today

Today, Jeff continues the very unique approach to noise-control solutions his father-in-law established more than 40 years ago. SVA, Inc. is one of the few companies in the industry that provides a complete custom start-to-finish noise-control solution for its customers, from system design to installation.

SVA, Inc.’s small-company roots haven’t stopped the company from winning many prestigious and visible noise-control projects. SVA, Inc. was there when the Boston Celtics needed help dampening the sound of a practice basketball court situated above a biology lab in the Auerbach Center in Boston. The company designed and installed a unique floating floor system, and now the athletes play while the scientists conduct their important work below.

SVA, Inc. was there when Harvard University wanted to install a massive, lower-carbon, highly efficient, climate-resistant energy plant to fuel its Allston campus. The company designed a system that would absorb the sound of the generators.

And when Evergreen Solar risked losing its occupancy permit due to an outdoor HVAC system that was disturbing its neighbors, SVA, Inc. designed a unique custom sound barrier wall, restoring peace to Devens, Massachusetts.

Our philosophy

SVA, Inc.’s philosophy is simple: we build relationships through reliability, integrity, and trust. Many of our customers have been customers for decades; new customers frequently become repeat customers.

How do we achieve this? We take the time to get to know our customers personally, and to understand their needs thoroughly. We price fairly and we deliver on time. We deliver the correct products the first time. If there’s a problem, we resolve it.

It’s as simple as that.