Spring Jack-Up Concrete Floating Floor System

Spring Jack-up Concrete Floating Floor System

Auerbach Center, Boston Celtics Practice Facility

Boston MA

Original Noise Problem
The Boston Celtic’s practice basketball court is located on the fifth floor of the Auerbach Center which is directly above a bio lab. The Celtics organization needed to find a solution to keep noise from the basketball court from interrupting the bio lab tenants.

Solutions/Materials Used
 SVA designed, provided, and installed a spring jack-up concrete floating floor system to isolate the basketball court from the building structure. This eliminated the impact noise coming from the basketball activity. The 70,000 sq/ft space required a 4” thick concrete slab, 1” deflection spring mounts and a 1” airspace to eliminate the impact noise from the labs below.

Architect & Acoustical Consultant
Elkus Manfredi & Cavanaugh Tocci 

SVA Concrete Floating Floor Design & Installation

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